Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Delivery Items for May 13th, 2011

This week's special: pastured, organic pork chops, $7.50 lb!


River View Dairy
Pasteurized and not totally organically fed.
Goat Cheese
Feta $9.00 8oz
Chevre $9.00 8oz
Dill and Garlic Chevre $9.00 8oz
Chipotle Chevre $9.00 8oz
French Herb Chevre $9.00 8oz
Onion and Chive Chevre $9.00 8oz
Sundried Tomato Chevre $9.00 8oz
Meadowbelle Tomme-style aged cheese $9.00 8oz
Drinkable goat yogurt, plain or rhubarb $3.25

Pasture Maid Creamery
Pasture based Holstein dairy. Cows also receive grain and corn silage.
Raw Milk Cheese
Cheddar $4.50 1/2 lb package
Colby $4.50 1/2 lb package
Pepper Jack $4.50 1/2 lb package
Moozarella $4.50 1/2 lb package

Brunton Dairy
Small, local, conventional diary. All pasteurized and homogenized.
Cream $2.50 pint

Green Circle Farm

Uncertified organic. Soy free. Non-GMO. Pastured. $5.00 dozen

Frozen unless otherwise specified.
Chicken -- Green Circle Farm
Soy free, GMO free, mostly local organic feed. Pastured heritage
colored ranger chickens.
Ongoing special: 10% any 25 lbs of chicken.
Whole $5 lb (range from 4 1/2 to 9 1/2 lbs -- specify your size!)

Beef -- Emmanuel Schmucker for Green Circle Farm
100% grass fed, uncertified organic pasture.
Ground Chuck $6 lb
Ground Beef $6 lb

Clarion River
Organic, feed contains corn and soy.
Special Chops $8.50 lb $7.50 lb
Shoulder steak $8.00 lb
Hot Italian sausage (bulk, coarser grind) $6.50 lb
Nitrate free cider brined ham $6.50 lb
Ham hock $5.50
Bacon $3.50 lb (oh, so salty!)

Turkey -- Clarion River
Pastured, organic.
Breast $6.50 lb (range from 11-14 lbs)
Whole $3.75 lb

Rabbit -- Clarion River
Whole $8.50 lb

Organic Produce
MOF = Mickley Organic Farms, CR = Clarion River Organics, GCF = Green
Circle Farm
Chives -- $1.00 bunch (GCF)
NEW Lemon Balm -- $2.00 bag (GCF)
NEW Nettles -- $4.00 bag (GCF)
Potato -- Rainbow Fingerling $2.00 lb (CR)
Potato -- Red $2.00 lb (CR)
Potato -- Russet $2.00 lb (CR)
Rutabegas -- $2.00 lb (CR)
Turnips $2.00 lb (CR)
Violet greens -- $2.00 bag (GCF)

Local, organic -- Clarion River
Spelt flour $3.50 2 lb
Whole wheat flour $3.50 2 lb
Whole wheat $1.25 lb
Whole spelt $1.25 lb
Honey puffed corn (like kids' cereal, but not as sweet) $2.50 bag
Spelt graham Crackers (thin and crispy!) $3.00 pack
Spelt granola $5.50 lb
Wheat granola $5.50 lb
NEW "Grape Nuts" $4.00 bag

Prepared Foods

Red Star Kombucha
Small, local producer.
$3.25 12 oz bottle

Sustenance Rustic Bakery
$2.25 for any of these cookie packs:
Coconut cashew cookie
Granola cookie
Fig bar
Hermit bar
Bittersweet brownie
Maple shortbread
Grains of paradise cookies
Sesame cookie
Orange date pinwheel

NEW Animal Feeds & Agricultural Products

Whole, unhulled oats $6.00 bushel (32 lbs)
Soy free, organic chicken, duck, or pig feed $22 50 lbs (please order 1 week in advance)

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